UDS SRC Treasurer Aspirant Dragged To The Cleaners For Facebook Posts

a picture of Abdul Halim Scratch

A Level 400 student of Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science of the University for Development Studies aspiring for the post of SRC Treasurer has come under heavy criticisms for post he made on Facebook about six months ago.

The aspirant, Sulemana Faris Abdul Halim popularly known as “SCRATCH” is a known social media satirist. He creates funny posts about events, people, tribes and all sorts of things just to create fun.

But unfortunately as the vetting draws nearer things took a different turn. Certain posts have been unearth from his Facebook timeline. These posts seems to be denigrating, insulting and demeaning of certain students and their course of study in the university. This has not been taking lightly especially by the Community Nutrition Students with many calling for his disqualification.

Here are screen shots of his posts

UDS SRC Treasurer Aspirant Dragged To The Cleaners For Facebook Posts

Team members of the potential aspirant has tried to initiate some damage control mechanisms but it seems not to be working. The team members in a circular called on students to disregard the comments and to see it from the “sense of humor” point of view but this has only added fuel to fire.

Will Scratch be disqualified because of his posts? Should he be disqualified? Should he be forgiven?

Story by Wumpini Lagfu || Editor of sanatuzambang.com


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