Time is Money; Show Business in Tamale

Story by Rahama Zakaria

Editor: Zakaria Abdul Hakim Cisse

Musicians need to respect their fans. When I say respect your fans, I mean be punctual. Honour your promise. Don’t start the program late. If you will be late, but it should not exceed an hour. The first time I attended an entertainment show in Tamale, the timing did not speak well of our musicians as serious artistes.

Time is everything. Last year, Yemi Alade had to refund money to fans in Europe because she failed to arrive on time for her own concert. If you really want to go international, you need to obey time and do things the right way.

In March fancy Gadam’s concert was supposed to start at 9PM, but it started at 12AM. The organization was poor. Sweetheart, I was wondering what was keeping you from starting the show. When I saw the screen in the auditorium at your concert, I was happy because, I knew that I will get to know who Fancy Gadam was. But I was subsequently disappointed because, the screen was used to show what was happening on the gate of the auditorium

I was expecting to see videos of Fancy’s music and also, what fans should expect to see in the show, but that was not the case. The management failed to understand that, not everyone attending the show know who Fancy Gadam is and so for that matter, they needed to do something that will let people coming to watch Fancy Gadam for the first time, know who you are and what you are capable of doing.


The boring part of entertainment shows in Tamale is when the fans are allowed to mount the stage and dance with act.

I loved Fancy Gadam dance moves. He’s very talented and I will rate him among the top 10 Ghanaian artistes that can sing and dance. We don’t really have dancers as musicians in Ghana. That night, your fans stopped you from given your all.

So I plead with you and your management to work on this flaw. You never know who might be there to watch you. You could become the first Ghanaian Chris Brown in the making.

Have fun on stage and once in a while you can pull a fan to join you on stage, that is not a problem. But given the free will to fans to join you is a big problem and could even be harmful to you.



You need to plan, work hard and invest if you really want to become the first Ghanaian Chris Brown in the making. See your art as your job, where you get your daily bread from and as your retirement package. This is the time you need to look for your team.

Miming is not cool now, get a band, from backups singers to people that can play instruments. I hope you do not want to become the next Bisa Kadei who releases great songs, yet can’t perform with live band and comes on national television to disgrace himself.

I am not saying the journey will be easy, but you need to stay focused and work hard. Invest your money in your art and you shall enjoy later. You can go on the internet to read and watch videos of how great artistes made it. I hope the money you are going to make today will not all go to your personal account, but some of the proceeds would be put into an investment fund. As a serious artiste, you need to pay yourself a percentage of your proceeds and the rest of the percentage goes into a fund.

Like a business fund that will yield money to be used in improving your career and also help sustain you when you stop doing music. 



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