Poem: Citizenry cry – Phady defines politics with poetry

When we hear the the word politics
What comes to our mind?
Government i guess


Africa i say?
Politics which is all about governing has got a new face in our era in Africa
A new face i say


The word politics
Has been turned into “politricks”
Our home!
Our nation
Our lands
We have turned the ideology of politics into poli- tricking
The meritocracy of politics is no where to be found
Sad it is…


Our leaders loot our resources for their personal gains…
State owned resources have been turned into personal properties..
They turn our lives into a game
Where they toss us like coins..
They kick us around in their politricking like ball…


We are been fed with lies..
Feeded with stories and illusions
We are been asked to heed to their beautiful lies


Africa! Mother Africa!
The citizenry are surfering
The citizenry are crying
Our dear leaders have forgotten their purpose as leaders

They have forgotten their being there
They have forgotten of us
We! The citizenry who voted them into power
We! The citizenry who gave them that power
Have been forgotten
Eliminated from their minds
Deleted from their ” mendula obulongata ”
We have been..


Where are our African leaders !
Where are our African fathers
Where are they
Our dear politicians,
It is thee who voted you
Why forget us soo soon
It is thee who gave you that power
Why forget us
Our dear African leaders


come back to us
Come back to we
We, the citizenry who voted you
Come back and hug us
Come back and hold our hands
We need you


You and only you our leaders to eliminate that fear in us..
That fear you injected in us
That fearful pain you inflicted in us
We, your people need you back!
back to save mother Africa..


About the writer

Yussif Fadeelatu is a passionate writer and social activist who hails from the North. She is a level 300 student at the University for Development Studies, reading BA Social and Development Administration. She sees Poetry as a medium of communicating to the masses.


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