Countrywise Communiction Ghana and Cabi Documentary Film

STORY BY; Suweiba Yakubu and Zakaria Rahama

In an effort to improve the production of Soybean in the country, CountryWise Communication, a multimedia corporate organization working towards promoting agriculture in rural Ghana, has launched two films for farmers in Tamale.

Dubbed: “How to grow Soybeans”, the initiative is being implemented by the Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International (CABI) and the Gren-Ef Eco Business Village Ltd.

The initiative is aimed at educating farmers from the three regions of the north on the right agronomic practices to follow in order to help reduce post-harvest losses and also boost the production of the crop.

The films, which are being premiered in both the English language and the Dagbani dialect use drama and music to illustrate to the farmer 10-best steps to follow in growing the Soybean crop.

Speaking at the launch, the Executive Director of CountryWise Communication Ghana, Mr Raymond Vuol said using audiovisual materials would help to demonstrate to the farmers some of the best farming practices they could adopt when growing soybean.

Mr. Vuol said the films would be translated into about eight other local dialects and screened to over 200 villages across the three regions of the north.

“We will be using our mobile multimedia tricycle vans to reach out to the over 200 villages because we have a targeted goal at the end of the day, which is seeing a considerable change in the practices and yields of our farmers,” he said.

A representative of CABI, Mr Duncan Sones, for his part, said the film would offer a good value alternative for the farmer to see with their own eyes how to grow a crop like Soybean.

“Last year, around 300 people attended each screening, half of whom were school-aged children. Of the numbers, the women outnumbered the men, and I am so glad again that these screenings help not only to educate the farmers but also entertain their families,” he said.

Mr Sones added that the farmers would also be trained on how to use the ‘P fertilizer’ and the Sarifix inoculants, which are very good for the soybean crop.

Instead of only producing documentaries, the organisation is looking to work with musicians to produce song relating to agric that speaks to these farmers in their own languages about the best practices in agric.


The first collaboration is with Chuggu boys. The Tamale based traditional musicians worked on the first song and sang in English on the best practices on how to cultivate soya beans for a healthy and bumper harvest.


The project was funded by Cabi, an agric organisation, that is interested in the production of Soya beans.

Mr. Raymond Vuol, director of CountryWise communication in an interview with Sanatu Zambang said, the project with Chuggu boys is the beginning of such partnership with musicians to produce agric content for f

armers and they are hoping to work with other musician to produce songs in their local dialect on the best practices in agric.

With this initiative, CountryWise Communication hope to attract more people at the screening centres and engage them as well.

CountryWise Communications is a social enterprise focus on bringing social and behavioural change of farmers by producing high quality video communication content on the best practices in agric. These videos content are screen to communities in their own local languages.

The organisation has over the past years produced and screened  documentaries in over 200 communities in the Upper West, Upper East and Northern regions respectively using motto king to transport their equipment from one community to the other.


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