Boy with no camera wins ‘Best Student Photographer’

Known by many as Rexies Mensah, Bona -Mensah Doe is a 20 years old from a family of four. He is a passionate photographer, part-time model, videographer, graphic designer and MC for events.

Rexies attended St. Johns School in Sekondi, where he studied Visual Arts and completed in 2016. He is currently a level 200 student in the Faculty of Agribusiness and Communication Sciences of the University for Development Studies, reading Social Change Communication.

According to Rexies, his passion for photography emanated since birth because, his parents are photo lovers and he grew up in a house full of pictures, lots of photo albums, picture frames. “… We even have pictures tied in big polythene bags and suitcases. So I would say I was greatly influenced by that and the urge to always create a better monument of what I see.” Rexies recalled.
It is very surprising to see that despite his mountain of workloads, Rexies has to study and write the same exams as his colleagues. Yet, he is determined to graduate with a First Class honours.

In an interview, the photographer confessed thus “… It’s quite difficult I must admit especially having to sit down long hours editing to reach my standards and the clients’ taste. All I do is just make sure I get great grades. I sometimes suspend all work to study because I’m hopeful to graduate First Class.”

But what is more fascinating is his undying love for photography and graphic design. Amidst the challenges, Rexies has built a brand for himself in and around his circles. He is known for his work especially his trademark; CapturedImages.
Until Campus 24/7 News had a one-on-one interview with the photographer, none would have believed he doesn’t own a camera for himself… “Surprisingly, yes I don’t have a camera. I rent cameras for programmes and sometimes borrow from my photographer friends” – Rexies confessed.

But he is hoping to get his own camera before 2018 ends. For Rex, passion can take you to and bring you, where you want. Hence, he mostly reads motivational quotes which drive me through his everyday life and the quest to be best.

Digging into the photographer’s life revealed that he lost his dad in Junior High School, so he has since then been single raised by his mom. Despite these challenging temptations, he has vowed never to let go his passion and to make his mom smile.

Rexies while in an interview with Campus 24/7 News advised people with similar passion never give up on what they’re passionate about, no matter how small it is. He also advised them to get hold of their brands and don’t kill it, as it represents what they do.
The undying passion and hard work of Rexies fetched him the ‘Best Student Photographer’ at the SRC Excellence Awards on Friday, 9th March.

He had filed for two nominations; best Student Entrepreneur and Photographer. But won one. He added that, had there been another slot for videography and graphic design, he would have filed for nomination because, he knows he is capable… He said “Photography has made me travel and made me lots of networks. So I’m not quitting it”.
Rexies while talking about the journey’s challenges, used the opportunity to thank his ‘godfather’, Nana Kyei; CEO of Wear Nation and sponsor of CapturedImages.

He recalled the support Kyei has always offered him and the advises. He also confessed that it has not been easy building the CapturedImages brand for almost a year now but he really trusts the process.
During the interview, something interesting popped up concerning photographers and ladies and Rexies could only reply in these words; “Many people have the believe that photographers have many ladies crushing on them – yes, that’s what the public see because, they mostly see us having photoshoot sessions with many ladies. But to be frank, that’s not true… We do have lot of female business partners, but personally I keep my business very professional.”

On a wrap with the ‘Best Student Photographer’, he revealed his plans to venture into student politics next year. Rex believes in his journey and hopes to make a good leader for his faculty and later, for the entire campus.

Story By Zakaria Abdul Hakim || Editor of


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