Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana
Tampuli Zuɣu project ”Interrupted Dream” to be staged at Pagya Festival
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I didn’t know what to expect from a play based on 15th century Dagbon verse, but “Interrupted Dream” by @Rafiu_fishbone , with costumes by @fatsu_13 , was really amazing. I’ll be thinking about the themes in this play for a long time. Thank you! - @PaulEdwards11 #pagya2023
Students from Hodgeschool Journalistiek 3day exchange visit with Sanatu Zambang Studios
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“We are part of a family. It feels more of a home as compared to the Netherlands, where people are more keeping to their individual lives…” - Eline Teunissen
CABI and IFDC join forces to get soybean film out to farmers in Northern Ghana
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By Duncan Sones – from an article which originally appeared on the Africa Soil Health Consortium (ASHC) website
How WaterAid is improving better menstrual hygiene management in Schools and communities
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Menstruation is not a luxury nor is it a choice girls and women opt for. It is a necessity of life. Literally." — Seyram Ama Asimah @wateraid_ghana
The impact of improved health facilities in health delivery in Kasena Nankana District.
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‘’One of our biggest challenge as women was the open defecation. We use to squat under trees to defecate which was humiliating & denigrating for us women.’’ — Aduamah Atanga
‘I am a female artist, not a sex object’ Northern female artistes
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I was expecting the organization to push the song (enough) | Flamez expressed his disappointment
Dry season vegetable production in Karaga District
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Playing a catalytic role of ensuring people have sustainable livelihoods that enable them to live better and stay well nourished all year round.