AITI KACE; Changing the face of IT learning in Africa

Story by Rahama Zakaria

Edited by Zakaria Abdul Hakim Cisse


The  Ghana – India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT is Ghana’s first Advanced Information Technology Institute. Founded in 2003, AITI-KACE is a world-class research facility with focus on innovating products and services for individual and institutional advancement. At AITI-KACE, students are exposed to industry professionals, mentors and also trained to become IT entrepreneurs.


AITI-KACE  Provides quality IT training, consultancy and research with focus on industry trends and needs. The institution provides Excellent training in Mobile Apps Development, Programming, Networking, Security, post graduate courses, ICDL, and many other ICT courses.



AITI-KACE, in fulfilment of its capacity-building mandate, and bridging the digital divide between male and female in the country has embarked on several projects to train and equip girls to become ICT literates and of such is the Girls Can Code project.


The Girls Can Code project is aimed at training girls to be able to code and also learn some basics in ICT to adopt to the changing trend in the society. The first pilot saw two female teachers each from selected schools in the five regions of the southern sector of Ghana go through two weeks training on how to code at the AITI-KACE. Girls Can Code project is a panacea to bridging the gender gap between males and females in Ghana especially in the technological world.


In the quest to develop ICT interest among women in Ghana, AITI-KACE organised a successful workshop involving 50 women. The course participants involved student leaders from campuses of tertiary institutions all over Ghana. Areas covered included web presence, mobile communications, social media including learning tools such as ‘Delicious’.



With the success of the workshop and participants wanting their colleagues to also acquire knowledge in ICT, has resulted in the organisation of a series of nationwide training workshops titled ‘Women’s E-campaign’ by the staff of AITI-KACE.


These workshops are dedicated to introducing these group of women to ICT tools and technologies in Learning, Campaigning and Research.


These workshops are intended to demystify IT, raise awareness on the range of tools which are available today and thereby encourage women to become not only smart users but also to innovate with a purpose of tailoring IT solutions to the needs on the ground.


The workshop is sponsored by the Regional Coordinating Councils, Municipal Assembly, National Communication Authority, ActionAid Ghana and NUGS (National Union of Ghana Students).



Women’s E-Campaign  will have Close to 1,000 women trained under the initiative, and the course participants are expected to return to their campuses and continue reinforcing and sharing the knowledge they gain.


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